Saturday, April 29, 2017


We should be done at this time with the 5 projects based upon your career study. Now is the time to tweak them. The reason is we want your artistic journey this year to tell a cohesive story.

Be prepared to not only to discuss your work, but the career you have chosen and how it influenced your work. Your ability to discuss how you researched your artistic career path, what assignments you did, and how it may shape your future are important to establishing your personal credibility.

We have worked very hard to bring out your very best. However, there are still things we need to fix before we put your work on display.

Maybe you need to refine a gesture, or redraw an eye. The point is we need all 5 images working in concert to tell an audience what you have learned. The goal is to have at least 3 very strong images ready for print. We are going to have a Senior Art Show so make sure you are ready to make your last impression your very best.

Remember it's important to get feedback not only from Ferrell, but your friends, families and peers. When you have all five done at their highest level submit them to Ferrell for feedback. We will have a full five critique May 5th.

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