Sunday, December 10, 2017

Career Paper & Final Exam

It's time. Time to get a job! You are going to select an art career and research it. By this Monday, you should select a career and run it by Ferrell so you can work on what comes next...

You are going to write a paper that will cover in essay format the following...

  1. Define what that career is
  2. Elaborate on what an artist's job in that career entails
  3. Describe the life and work of 3 master artists in that field (each artists should get at least their own paragraph)
  • Name each artist and where they are from (time period...etc.)
  • Describe their work and why they are considered special
  • Give the reasons you selected each artist
4. Lastly, explain why you chose this career and how you feel it relates to your previous work

The bibliography will need to be in MLA format.

In addition, to the paper you will need to write a proposal that will have at least 5 projects to choose from. These projects will be based upon the research you do for your paper. These projects will be reviewed by Ferrell and refined to suit your needs. Keep in mind you will have to do these projects in a two week time frame. Ferrell will be your client and you will be the professional artist. 

Concept Plan

Your project concept due Monday should include your possible career choice and your master artists for consideration. Please write at least a one sentence justification for each artist to why you think not only they would be good for you to study. but why they are considered masters.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Redo Projects are in!

You took your old work and made it better! However, everyone had room for improvement. Make the changes and you can re-submit your projects for a higher grade.

You have until December 8th to make the needed changes.

Redo Projects Due

Art is a journey...

Hopefully through this journey we progress through experience and learning that we gain knowledge and skills to improve ourselves.

With this improvement comes an acknowledgement that there are mistakes in our past we wish we could fix. So this is that opportunity to take that project you messed up in the past, and fix it. 

Think of this project as a theoretical time machine. 

The work will be due December 1st. All of the same rubrics from the original project will be applied to this one. Each of you already worked out the parameters with Ferrell individually.