Monday, December 5, 2016


Due on Wednesday you need to have a silhouette drawn from life.

Silhouettes date all the way back to Ancient Greek Pottery, and were used to effectively record Greek culture and mythology. 

Silhouettes should be easily recognizable.  

This may be one of the most famous silhouette drawings in the world. Michael Jordan's silhouette logo has become a very successful commercial brand. Air Jordan is a flagship brand for Nike.

This is a silhouette portrait of Steve Jobs.

Silhouettes are used in modern photography and film.
Silhouettes became a very popular form of portraiture during the late 17century to the mid 19 century. They can give a great old world feel to your work. Designers associate clean well done silhouettes with classiness. Painters use it as a technique as a baseline for a painting, and concept artists master silhouettes as means of speeding up their work and mastering readability.

Silhouettes are still used heavily in graphic design...especially in logos.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Project Concept

Your project concept due Friday should include your possible career choice and your master artists for consideration. Please write at least a one sentence justification for each artist to why you think not only they would be good for you to study. but why they are considered masters.