Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Don't Reinvent the Wheel!

Most innovations are an evolution of great ideas. They aren't some sort of mystical inspiration that strikes the creator out of the blue. When you are developing an idea you need to be aware of how the concept of an idea developed. 

You need to be aware when you design that every idea came from somewhere else. If you were to experience something for the first time without any context for it, it would be alien to you. 

The other problem without knowing other solutions to the same problem you may make easily avoidable mistakes. There is a reason that wheels are shaped the way they are. They work! You can make a better wheel and their is originality in that, but something to radical may actually be counter- productive. 

So inform yourself. Look up what others in the industry who were successful doing the same task you have to accomplish. Don't copy them, but study and learn from them so you can improve on their solution. 

Remember your redo projects are due September 1st.

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